The Economics journal is indexed in Google Scholar and details on the citations can be found on Google Scholar Citations.


The Economics journal is indexed in Google Scholar and details on the citations can be found on Google Scholar Citations.

Our mission is to present current results of scientific and theoretical research from areas of economics, management and business data processing, as well as to provide book reviews, scientific critical opinion, as well as our position on technology.
Journal editors include eminent professors and associates from renowned scientific research institutes, both domestic and international.
All scientific and technical articles published in the Journal are subject to a mandatory double-blind peer review by two independent reviewers.

Why subscribe and read

The Journal was generated owing to the great effort of the publisher, to the enthusiasm of the editorial office, as well as by the energy, knowledge and effort of the authors who saw something different and innovative in the Journal itself. The new and more modern Journal concept brought a new name, as well as the new visual identity of the Journal, applied since December 2017.

Today, the Journal is oriented towards the content of the broadest concept of "new economy", primarily oriented towards innovations of any type of content and form. It is clear that the focus of the Journal is on research related to economic, social and technological changes occurring within the common notion of a (sustainable) development of the economy and society.

Our Journal has become internationally recognizable, with a continuously improving quality level, not only due to its topics and content of the presented articles, but primarily because of the quality of its researchers.

As with any other social creation, the journal is the result of people's work. Nowadays, the editorial staff consists of reviewers from over 40 countries of the world, i.e. from five (5)different continents (Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North and South America) acting either as members of the international editorial board, reviewers, authors, or simply contributors to the projects that the Journal and its publisher Oikos Institute implement.

Having reached the seventh year of publishing our Journal, we are proud to present the following:

  • We managed to maintain the continuity of a regular semi-annual publication,
  • Following the changes occurring in the society and the scientific-research actuality of the materials we received, we slightly changed the name and the visual identity of the Journal, thus corresponding to the will and interest of our users,
  • We have significantly improved and expanded the structure of the international editorial board, as well as the capacity of the technical segment of the editorial board,
  • The communication and Journal distribution, citation and indexing systems have been greatly improved, both regarding the online registration and within our site.

One of the regular projects of the Journal and the Institute is the annual international scientific conference, usually held in May, focused on the topic of "New Economy", with a different subtitle every time, tasked with processing new thematic areas and illuminating the practice of structural economic and technological changes in the world. The initial practice was to hold the international conference in Bijeljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina), but since May 2019 this practice has been improved by changing not only the location, but even the country of the conference - to Sutomore (in Montenegro). The upcoming annual conferences, organized by the Oikos Institute and the Economics Journal - Innovative and Economic Research Journal, will be held continuously at other destinations by changing the location and the country of the event, but primarily focused onto the region of Southeast Europe.

Why submit

  • Only four issues were sufficient for the Journal to become classified as the journal of the highest national importance. After the fourth issue, the electronic version became featured by the international agency " De Gruyter Sp. z o.o." Today, the Journal is referred to by an international agency "Sciendo", a renowned academic publisher, owned by De Gruyter.
  • We intend to start our cooperation with Scopusby constantly expanding the list of contributors and participants, i.e. primarily of the authors of scientific articles, with an emphasis on exploring the role of innovation in the greatest challenges of today's world, such as climate change, global and internal inequalities, as well as the risks of technological changes in today's world.
  • Editing of Economics Journal will be performed in line with the highest professional and research standards. Every article published within would have to fit into the thematic editorial concept of the Journal, but also to be subjected to a double-blind expert peer-review. The reviews are conducted within three to four weeks.
  • A majority of the papers and articles, following the review, would have to be subjected to updates and amendments, primarily to improve the quality of the argumentation or methodology, as well as the language and style used... whereas the appendices and attachments that fail to receive positive reviews shall be returned to the authors, together with explanations and recommendations for quality improvement.
  • Once the papers and articles are submitted, the ones that are accepted are immediately published in the upcoming Journal issue.
  • We will invest even more effort so that the Economics- innovative and Economic research Journalhas become a reputable international journal, and as such becomes a quality source of scientific results and professional, expert arguments for both young and experienced researchers, and as such to interconnect the generations of scientists and experts in particular areas of innovation and their socio-economic impact.


Similarity Check Plagiarism Screening System

  • The editorial board is participating in a growing community of Similarity Check System's users in order to ensure that the content published is original and trustworthy. Similarity Check is a medium that allows for comprehensive manuscripts screening, aimed to eliminate plagiarism and provide a high standard and quality peer-review process.
  • Detailed description of the Similarity Check System can be found at: